Phil Neuenfeldt

President Emeritus

PRESIDENT EMERITUS PHIL NEUENFELDT began his career on the shop floor in the manufacturing sector and wholly believes that making things in Wisconsin is key to long-term prosperity and a viable middle-class. Phil later held various positions of leadership in his local union including Chair of the bargaining committee. As an active member of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Local 1916, Phil fought for fair contracts and improved health and safety conditions for fellow workers. Phil continued his work bridging gaps between labor and the community by working on economic development projects that benefited union workers as well as the community at large.

Prior to his election as President, Phil served the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO in many capacities, most notably as Secretary Treasurer and Legislative Director. As Legislative Director, Phil put the Wisconsin labor movement on the offensive and advanced a working family agenda which included extending the ability to organize, workers’ rights, installing prevailing wage protections, defending the Family and Medical Leave Act, teaching labor education in the schools, creating fairer tax codes which close corporate loopholes, preventing the outsourcing of public services and creating and retaining manufacturing jobs. Phil helped forge a broad coalition to fight back against egregious attacks on labor in 2011 and 2012.

Because individual workers and the labor movement as a whole must continuously evolve to keep up with changing conditions, Phil continues to develop strategies to upgrade workplace skills and address changes in technology and the economy. Some of his programs including the Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership and Worker Centered Learning initiatives have been used as national models for training and job creation.

As a veteran and a father, Phil has deep roots in his community. His vision for the labor movement extends beyond current union members, and Phil continues to take on projects that expand the sphere of solidarity and improve the lives of all working families.