People's World: AFL-CIO Executive Council Backs Medicare for All

A strong endorsement of government-run single-payer Medicare for All as the ultimate solution to U.S. health care ills highlighted position statements from the just-concluded summer AFL-CIO Executive Council meeting.

The council’s health care statement, issued from the 3-day meeting in late July at the George Meany Center in the Washington suburb of Silver Spring, Md., first denounced congressional Republicans for trashing the Affordable Care Act.

Other statements from the council:

* Denounced the Trump administration’s rollback of government regulations — including dumping of the rule requiring fuller disclosure from union-busters

* Reiterated pro-worker goals for negotiating a “new NAFTA,” and

* Blasted the denial of voting rights through so-called Voter ID laws and said the stacked “election fraud” commission Trump named is probing a problem that doesn’t exist.

* Defended the rights of undocumented people, including more than 1 million covered under the Obama administration’s program for protecting teenagers and young adults brought to the U.S. as children, and other workers under “Temporary Protected Status.”

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