Marketwatch: More Than They Need Factory Jobs, Workers Need to Have a Voice

Donald Trump thinks the only way to make America great again is to bring back millions of manufacturing jobs, but what he and his supporters don’t get is that there’s nothing inherently great about a job in a factory. The “greatness” of a factory job had almost nothing to do with the job itself and almost everything to do with the fact that workers had some power to bargain with the bosses to get better pay, better benefits and better working conditions. Unfortunately for workers, their power has fallen sharply over the past four decades, just as the forces of automation, globalization and financialization strengthened. The decline can be seen in the stagnant incomes of the bottom 95%. It can be seen in the spectacular rise in corporate profits. And it can be seen in the loss of American manufacturing jobs. America doesn’t miss manufacturing; it misses unions.

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