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The Wisconsin State AFL-CIO

As the statewide coordinating council for all AFL-CIO unions in Wisconsin, the State AFL-CIO determines union policy on state issues, speaks for labor (and indeed for all working people) on matters of public concern, provides services to local unions, and coordinates political and legislative action with its 1000 affiliated unions which represent 250,000 members in the state. 

Wisconsin labor MUST go on the offensive. Leadership from the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO can help by coordinating efforts to make labor more visible in the media, by providing assistance to organizing drives, by helping to leverage resources for union programs and campaigns, by organizing and coordinating support for local unions that need our help, and by focusing our legislative and political programs to make labor a 'key player' in Wisconsin politics. A stronger labor movement means not only higher wages and better working conditions. It means we have a voice on the job, and stronger communities, support for balancing the conflicting demands of work and family. Social and economic justice and equality is what the union movement is all about.

TOGETHER we can make it happen.....LABOR'S BACK!!"

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6333 West Blue Mound Road
Milwaukee, WI 53213
Phone: 414-771-0700
Fax: 414-771-1715
E-Mail: Solidarity@wisaflcio.org


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