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  1. SFGate 4/2/14: Democrat Burke scores major union endorsements
  2. Battleground Wisconsin Podcast 2/20/14: 28,000 pages of emails and WEDC fails listen or download
  3. Wisconsin Gazette 1/24/14: Wis. GOP defeats minimum wage hike, proposes 7-day work week
  4. Fox 11 News Green Bay 1/14/2014: Republicans propose 7-day work week - Stephanie Bloomingdale
  5. Wisconsin Radio Network on WTAQ 1/14/2014: Stephanie asks who brought this bill to Grothman?
  6. WISPOLITICS.COM 12/9/2013:  Wisconsin State AFL-CIO, Western Wisconsin AFL-CIO, Wisconsin Fair Trade Coalition: Workers, environmental groups, family farm organizations call on Rep. Kind to halt Trans-Pacific Partnership
  7. WXOW Channel 19 12/92012: Locals protest proposed US trade agreement
  8. LA Crosse Tribune 12/9/2013: Labor, farmer, trade groups urge Kind to pull support on pact
  9. WTAQ Radio 12/9/2013:  Local, state labor leaders urge Congressman to reverse support of trade
  10. WKBT News 8 12/9/2013: Unions, others challenging Rep. Kind on proposed trade agreement
  11. Green Bay Press Gazette 11/7/2013: Train company: State owes us $66M for canceled deals
  12. Wisconsin Public Radio with Joy Cardin 9/2/2013:  Guest: Phil Nuenfeldt, President of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO
  13. News 19 La Crosse 9/2/2013: La Crosse celebrates Labor Day with parade, festival or click here to watch
  14. La Crosse Tribune 9/2/2013:  Parade celebrates Labor Day, local workers
  15. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 8/31/2013:  Wisconsin workers need a new way forward
  16. CBS 58 9/2/2013:  County supervisor says board will push for living wage ordinance
  17. Fox 6 News 9/2/2013: Downtown Milwaukee plays host to Labor Day rally Monday
  18. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 9/2/2013:  Labor Day marchers rally for higher pay, cheer living-wage proposal
  19. UpFront with Mike Gousha 9/2/2013: (show clip not yet available) Wispolitics report here
  20. Wisconsin State Journal 9/2/2013:  People turn out in droves to celebrate Labor Fest
  21. NBC 15 9/2/2013:  Labor Fest Draws Large Crowd
  22. Channel 3 9/2/2013:  Educators sound off at Labor Fest
  23. Wisconsin Rapids Tribune 9/2/2013:  Labor Day a tribute to America's workers, end-of-summer celebration
  24. Green Bay Press Gazette 9/2/2013: Families enjoy food and fun at Labor Day picnic
  25. WBAY Green Bay 9/2/2013:  Labor Day Celebrations Focus on Heritage
  26. Oshkosh Northwestern 9/2/2013:  Labor Day picnic at Copeland Park (photo gallery)
  27. Racine Journal Times 9/2/2013: LaborFest attendees are keenly aware of drop in union membership
  28. Wisconsin State Journal 8/29/2013: Chris Rickert: Forget time to make the donuts. It's time to pay a better wage
  29. Northwest Watchdog 8/13/2013: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to visit Seattle, unions not happy
  30. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 8/04/2013:Union leaders urge governors to support 'Made in America' legislation
  31. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 8/03/2013: Unions to governors: support U.S. jobs, buy American
  32. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 8/1/2013: Organized labor hopes for big turnout at Saturday rally
  33. Capital Times 8/1/2013: AFL-CIO's Phil Neuenfeldt: Scott Walker is no FDR
  34. The News Gazette 7/30/2013 Walker open to limiting police, fire unions in Wisconsin
  35. WISPOLITICS 6/12/2013: Wisconsin State Secretary-Treasurer Stephanie Bloomingdale heads to Washington, DC for national lobby day on immigration reform
  36. Journal Sentinel 6/4/2013: Stephanie's Letter to Editor - Greed hammering middle class
  37. WISN 12 3/30/13: Judicial candidates make Easter weekend push
  38. Fox 6 Now 3/30/13: Big election set for Tuesday, candidates make final pushes
  39. CBS Green Bay 3/11/2013: Democratic lawmakers discuss job creation
  40. Milwaukee Public Radio WUWM 3/7/2013: Assembly Approves Work-Share Legislation now Headed to Senate
  41. WHBL Sheboygan News Radio 2/20/2013: Governor Walker's budget address: listen here, read speech, see reactions
  42. WBAY Green Bay 2/20/2013: Wisconsin AFL-CIO Statement on Governor's Budget
  43. Wispolitics 2/20/2013: Walker's second budget rewards corporate donors at expense of middle class
  44. Wispolitics 2/20/2013: New report shows Wisconsin loses $814 million of tax revenue every year due to offshore tax havens for corporations and the very wealthy
  45. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2/18/2013: AFL-CIO leader denounces bill to cut Milwaukee County Board pay, budget
  46. WPR Interview 1/24/2013: Union Membership Down In Wisconsin, U.S.
  47. Politico 1/23/2013: Union ranks fall in labor fight states
  48. La Crosse Tribune 1/23/2013:  Union membership in decline; public sector hit hard
  49. La Crosse Tribune 1/23/2013:  Local unions wary but optimistic
  50. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1/5/2013:  Another dead end for Wisconsin families by Phil Neuenfeldt
  51. Yahoo New 11/3/2012: Stephanie Bloomingdale from the AFL-CIO talks to Broment Mobley ...
  52. Wisconsin Public Radio 9/3/2012: Phil Neuenfeldt and Joy Cardin
  53. Journal Sentinel 8/31/2012: We all prosper when workers are respected and recognized
  54. Fox 11 News 8/13/2012:  Paul Ryan as VP candidate Will: it turn Wisconsin red?
  55. Wispolitics 8/13/2012: Wisconsin AFL-CIO: Statement on Romney/Ryan ticket
  56. WXOX La Crosse 8/13/2012: WI AFL-CIO president on Romney/Ryan ticket
  57. Wispolitics 7/19/2012: Wisconsin AFL-CIO: Sen. Ron Johnson joins Romney and co. voting against bringing American jobs home
  58. Milwaukee Courier 6/9/2012: Walker survives recall, Barrett urges supporters to remain engaged
  59. WIS Politics 6/6/2012: Wisconsin movement fights on
  60. The Business Journal 6/6/2012: Wisconsin labor leaders vow to keep fighting for working class
  61. THIRDCOAST DIGEST 5/5/2012: Bay View Massacre reenactment focuses on workers’ rights 
  62. Bloomberg.com 5/31/2012:  Labor Wisconsin Recall Hopes Ebb as Walker Cash Pays Off
  63. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 5/31/2012: Can Democrats get the huge margins they need from union voters on June 5?
  64. The Cap Times 5/27/2012:  Capitol Report: Lt. governor candidates couldn't be more different
  65. Fox 6 5/13/2012: Political Lowe-down: Will recall election be labor’s last stand?
  66. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 5/11/2012: Barrett, Walker at odds over 'divide and conquer' union remark
  67. The Wall Street Journal 5/10/2012: Wisconsin Candidate Labors to Unify Party
  68. abc2 WBAY 5/8/2012: AFL-CIO Statement on Barrett Victory
  69. Fox 6 5/6/2012: May 6th marks solemn day in Wisconsin labor history
  70. People's World 4/26/2012: Walker makes Wisconsin first in job loss
  71. SALON 4/19/2012 Wisconsin unions bet on underdog
  72. Wisconsin Radio Network 4/19/2012: Mixed messages in new job numbers
  73. Fox 6 4/19/2012:One-on-one interview with Gov. Scott Walker
  74. Talking Points Memo 4/11/2012:Wisconsin AFL-CIO Endorses Kathleen Falk For Governor
  75. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 4/10/2012: Falk snags union endorsement
  76. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 4/10/2012:Challenge to fakes in recall planned
  77. CBS News 3/30/2012: Scott Walker recall election set for June 5
  78. Investors Business Daily 3/21/2012: Walker Recall Vote Key Test Of Union Reforms' Future
  79. Milwaukee Public Radio 3/12/2012: The Political Battle for a "Purple" Wisconsin 
  80. The Northwestern 3/11/2012: Protesters rally against Governor Scott Walker, on anniversary of collective bargaining law
  81. "Sly" 3/10/2012: Reclaim Wisconsin excerpts: John “Sly” Sylvester/Phil Neuenfeldt/State Sen. Jen Shilling/Liam Gerner (video)
  82. News 58 3/10/2012: AFL-CIO issues a release about rally in Madison
  83. Journal Sentinel 3/10/2012: Speakers at labor rally
  84. The Cap Times 3/9/2012: Madison Politiscope: Vigil commemorates passage of bill limiting collective bargaining
  85. HUFFPOST 3/9/2012: Scott Walker Anti-Union Law Draws Labor Supporters For Anniversary Rally
  86. PR Newswire 3/9/2012: Wisconsin Workers March to Reclaim Wisconsin
  87. WTAQ 1360 3/8/2012: AFL-CIO plans candlelight vigils on 1st anniversary of CB law passage
  88. Milwaukee Public Radio 3/8/2012: Wisconsin Once a Leader in Creating Public Unions, Now in Weakening Them
  89. The Journal Times 3/6/2012:RAW VIDEO: Wisconsin state AFL-CIO President on what's at stake in recalls
  90. The Journal Times 3/6/2012: About 200 gather Monday for 'Reclaim Wisconsin Tour' event
  91. UWM Post 3/5/2012:  Debates fires up over Wisconsin Jobs
  92. Mount Pleasant Patch 3/5/2012: Reclaim Wisconsin Tour Pulls Into Racine; Speakers Urge Recall Support
  93. Caledonia Patch 3/5/2012: Reclaim Wisconsin Tour Pulls Into Racine; Speakers Urge Recall Support
  94. Green Bay Press Gazette 3/1/2012: Tony Walter column: View jobs statistics with an open mind
  95. CFR presenting Renewing America 2/29/2012: How to Tackle the Manufacturing Skills Shortage
  96. La Crosse Tribune 2/26/2012:  Chris Hardie: What if Walker had compromised?
  97. WEAU Channel 13 2/23/2012: Reclaim Wisconsin Tour stops in Eau Claire
  98. WFXS Fox 55 Wausau 2/22/2012:  Union leaders rally in Wausau; Walker focuses on job creation
  99. Salon 2/14/2012: Whose Wisconsin recall is it?
  100. Wausau Daily Herald 2/19/2012:  Union tour to stop in Wausau 
  101. La Crosse Tribune 2/16/2012: Labor Unions rally to kick off Walker recall state tour
  102. WKBT La Crosse 2/15/2012: Unions kick-off bus tour on anniversary of Capitol Protests
  103. Business Insurance 2/12/2012:  Workplace safety a major push for unions
  104. postcresent.com 1/26/2012:  State of the State: Governor Scott Walker says Wisconsin headed in right direction
  105. The Journal Times 1/25/2012:  Job struggle continues, area residents tell legislators
  106. ABC 2 WBAY, Green Bay 1/25/2012: Lawmakers Get Public Input on Need for Living Wage Jobs:
  107. LaCrosseTribune.com 1/25/2012:  Help wanted: Forum seeks answers on jobs, education
  108. WRP joy Cardin 1/25/2012:  After seven, Joy Cardin's guest discusses his keys to rebuilding Wisconsin's middle class, ... Guest: Phil Neuenfeldt, President, Wisconsin State AFL-CIO. ...
  109. WisPolitics.com 1/25/2012: Walker’s State of the State rings hollow to many Wisconsinites 
  110. Wisconsin Rapids Tribune 1/25/2012:  Reaction to the State of the State by Gov. Walker
  111. Milwaukee Courier 1/20/2012: In the spirit of Dr. King, recall activists make history
  112. Workday Minnesota 1/20/2012:  Labor cheers successful petition for Walker recall
  113. AFT News 1/19/2012:  Wisconsin Gov. Walker Will Face Recall Election 
  114. 1/17/2012: Delivering 1 Million Walker Recall Petitions To The GAB - Walker Recalled Click for video
  115. ISTHMUS The Daily 1/18/2012:  Walker recall drive breaks national records, as 'dance' begins for a Democratic challenger 
  116. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1/18/2012:  Resolve to help Wisconsin workers
  117. People's World 1/17/2012:  Over 1 million sign to force recall of Wisconsin governor
  118. The Greater Kansas City AFL-CIO 1/17/2012:  1 Million Signatures Submitted to Recall Walker
  119. AP Associated Press 1/17/2012:Wisconsin AFL-CIO president Phil Neuenfeldt speaks at a victory party
  120. The Nation 01/17/2012:  A Million Wisconsinites Petition for the Recall of Scott Walker ...
  121. WisPolitics.com 1/13/2012:  Machinists members overwhelmingly reject contract proposal 
  122. Texas AFL-CIO 1/12/2012:  Protest Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in Austin Tomorrow
  123. Texas AFL-CIO 1/10/2012: Texas AFL-CIO plans to protest Gov. Scott Walker’s visit to Austin
  124. MAPE 1/08/2012: Walker recall campaign reaches key threshold
  125. htrnews.com 12/23/2011:  2011 year in review, No. 8: Strike at Manitowoc Cranes continues
  126. htrnews.com 12/22/2011: Children of striking machinists receive toys
  127. WisPolitics 12/21/2011:  Working families, community members help those on strike this holiday season  
  128. ABC 12/21/2011: Union: Manitowoc Crane Strike Could Last Months
  129. Journal Sentinel 12/17/2011:  Cullen candidacy surprises
  130. AFL-CIO Blog News 12/15/2011: Report: Walker Costing Wisconsin More than 18,000 Jobs a Year 
  131. WisPolitics 12/15/2011: More than half-a-million signatures to recall Scott Walker collected in first 28 days, new signature collection goal released 
  132. WisPolitics.com 12/14/2011: Walker's policies costing Wisconsin over 18,000 full-time, private sector jobs a year  
  133. WisPolitics.com 12/12/2011:  WIsconsin worker's stand with machinists on strike at Manitowoc Cranes 
  134. Wisconsin Radio Network 12/12/2011:  Solidarity in Manitowoc brings 1,000
  135. Sheboygan Station WHBL 12/12/2011: A Rally for Striking Machinists in Manitowoc
  136. htrnews.com 12/10/2011: Hundreds rally behind striking machinists in Manitowoc
  137. htrnews.com 12/10/2011:  Union solidarity rally at Municipal Field in Manitowoc Photo collection view here
  138. Fox 11 12/10/2011:  Manitowoc Crane rally held click here to watch YouTube video
  139. In These Times 12/09/2011: Wis. Firm’s Move to Replace Striking Workers Sparks Statewide Solidarity
  140. Sly In The Morning 12/07/2011: AFL-CIO President Phil Neuenfeldt Note to Scott Walker
  141. WisPolitics.com 12/07/2011:  Wis. AFL-CIO: 31,500 Wisconsinites to lose unemployment insurance unless Congress acts before Jan. 1st
  142. Mass Transit 12/05/2011:  WI: Milwaukee Continues to Suffer, Job Loss Surges One Year After HSR Project Killed
  143. Journal Sentinel 12/02/2011:  The price of freedom comes due in Madison
  144. Green Bay.com 11/30/2011: Meeting set between Manitowoc Cranes and striking workers
  145. htrnews.com Lake Shore Update 11/28/2011: AFL-CIO supports striking workers at Manitowoc Cranes
  146. Parkland Conference 11/28/2011: Stephanie Bloomingdale Click to view YouTube video
  147. WisPolitics 11/28/2011:  Wis. Workers stand with machinists on strike at Manitowoc Crane 
  148. Postcrescent.com 11/27/2011: Appleton native created "blue fist" logo used in spring protests against Gov. Scott Walker
  149. The Chicago Tribune 11/26/2011:  Appleton native creates 'blue fist' logo
  150. theNorthwestern.com 11/26/2011:  Appleton native creates 'blue fist' logo used in recalls, protests
  152. The Daily Cardinal 11/21/2011:  30,000 rally to recall Scott Walker
  153. Journal Sentinel 11/19/2011:  Madison recall rally draws thousands
  154. WisPolitics 11/19/2011: More than 25,000 gather at Capitol rally to recall Walker, Feingold reiterates he won't run against guv 
  155. Wisconsin Radio Network 11/19/2011:  Recall forces rally in Madison
  156. ISTHMUS Daily Page 11/19/2011:  'Recall Walker' PAC launches campaign with rally at Barrymore 
  157. Postcresent.com 11/9/2011:  Wisconsin unions emboldened by Ohio voters' rejection of anti-union law
  158. Wisconsin State Journal 11/9/2011: Wisconsin unions encouraged by Ohio vote
  159. WisPolitics.com 11/9/2011:  Ohio working families strike down Issue 2, vote to preserve union rights
  160. In These Times 11/9/2011:  Ohio Voters Repeal Anti-Union Law. Will Wis. Gov. Walker Be Next?
  161. USW: Wisconsin Workers Launch Walker Recall
  162. Opposing Views 11/15/2011:  Wisconsin Workers Begin Drive to Recall Anti-Union Gov. Scott Walker
  163. Bloomberg 11/13/2011:  Unions See Path to Recall Wisconsin’s Walker in Ohio Labor Vote
  164. WNY Labor Today 11/13/2011: It's Finally Here - Wisconsin Workers Launch Recall Of Republican ...
  165. Unions.org 11/13/2011: Wisconsinites Rush to Sign Walker Recall Petition: 50,000 Signatures in 2 Days
  166. WSAU.com 550 AM 11/9/2011:  AFL-CIO hosts jobs forum tonight at UWMC
  167. The Seattle Times 11/9/2011:  Wisconsin unions encouraged by Ohio vote
  168. CNN 11/8/2011:  Ohio voters repeal law limiting union rights, CNN projects
  169. Channel 3000.com 11/8/2011:  Ohio Voters Block Collective Bargaining Changes
  170. The Nation 11/7/2011:  Occupy the Polls: Tuesday's Critical Tests of Political Power
  171. United Nurses of Alberta 10/27/2011:  Wisconsin trade unionist urges international solidarity
  172. UW - Oshkosh 10/27/2011: Jobs hearing lets community voice concerns, worries
  173. Bloomberg Business Week 10/27/2011:  Wisconsin: Worked-Up Unions
  174. The Northwestern.com 10/25/2011:  Editorial: Projections do not ease pain for jobless
  175. Journal Sentinel 10/20/2011:  A plan to rebuild Wisconsin's middle class
  176. Wisconsin Public Radio 10/19/2011:  Labor Says it Has A Better Plan for Growing Jobs 
  177. WXOX 19 News 10/18/2011: WI AFL-CIO unveils jobs agenda   
  178. Journal Sentinel 10/18/2011:  Wisconsin AFL-CIO outlines its job agenda 
  179. TMJ4 10/17/2011:  Lawmakers hold job forum at Washington Park 
  180. WinonaDailyNews.com 10/14/2011:  Ag sector cheers new trade deals  
  181. Marshfieldnewsherald.com 10/14/2011:  Protesters outside Duffy's office want U.S. focus on jobs 
  182. Wausaudailyherald.com 10/14/2011: Protesters outside of Duffy's office want U.S. to focus on jobs 
  183. Eau Claire Now 10/13/2011:  Eau Claire labor rally bemoans loss of U.S. jobs  
  184. New American 10/12/2011:  Wisconsin Unions, Democrats Seek Gov. Walker Recall
  185. People's World 10/12/2011:  Wisconsin gears up for Scott Walker recall
  186. Milwaukee Labor Press 10/12/2011: Game on! Why Recall Walker movement starts its engine 
  187. WisPolitics.com 10/11/2011:  Wisconsin AFL-CIO: Back by popular demand: The recall 
  188. Green Bay Progessive 10/11/2011:   It`s Recall Scott Walker Time 
  189. PR Newswire 10/11/2011:  Steelworkers Support Petition to Recall Wis. Gov. Scott Walker 
  190. The Daily Cardinal 10/7/2011:  Occupy Wall Street’ to come to Madison Friday 
  191. Daily KOS 10/07/2011:  All Aboard the Blue Train: Riding the Solidarity Rails in Wisconsin
  192. WisPolitics 10/05/2011:  Wisconsin AFL-CIO: Wisconsin Jobs Initiative to help an estimated 35,000 Wisconsin workers 
  193. WisPolitics 10/06/2011:  Stands in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement 
  194. WTAQ.com 1360 AM 97.5 FM 9/28/2011: Postal workers rally to support bill aimed at fixing financial problems 
  195. TWU 9/28/2011: Wisconsin AFL-CIO Extends Their Appreciation 
  196. Wisconsin Radio Network 9/28/2011: Postal workers rally statewide 
  197. The Badger Herald 09/25/2011:Postal Service to rally at Capitol Tues.
  198. WisPolitics 9/23/2011:  Wisconsin State AFL-CIO: Wisconsin lost 56900 to ...
  199. WORKING in These Times 9/20/2011:  Crowd of 8500 at Fighting Bob Fest Shows Wisconsin Struggle Continues
  200. Workers World 9/17/2011:Working people confront congressperson in Wisconsin
  201. 9/17/2011: Phil Neuenfeldt at Fight Bob Fest 2011. Click for video.
  202. Workers World 9/17/2011:  Working people confront congressperson in Wisconsin
  203. Citizen Action Weekly 9/16/2011: Battleground Podcast featuring Stephanie
  204. Houston Chronicle 9/15/2011:  Phil Neuenfeldt, defended action taking by the union against what he called "an all-out assault
  205. sojournertruthradio 09/6/2011:   Our Labor Day special takes us from the streets of Wisconsin to Southern California
  206. United Federation of Teachers 9/6/2011: Wisconsin recall effort comes up short
  207. WPR Phil with Joy Cardin 9/5/2011: Wisconsin's AFL-CIO President talks about a turbulent year for labor...and what lies ahead.
  208. WisPolitics 9/5/2011: Wisconsin AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer says labor revitalized
  209. WisPolitics 9/5/2011: Labor Day 2011 has extra meaning for union members
  210. The Cap Times 9/5/2011:  AFL-CIO’s Phil Neuenfeldt: A Labor Day message: The way forward
  211. Janesville Gazette 9/4/2011: Usefulness of Unions at Issue
  212. Journal Sentinel 9/4/2011: Labor Losses prompt change in strategy
  213. Fond Du Lac Reporter 9/3/2011: The Way Forward
  214. WISN 12 Stephanie with Mike Gousha 9/3/2011:  State Of Labor On Labor Day video 
  215. Janesville Gazette 9/3/2011: The way forward for Wisconsin
  216. WPR Rhinelander 9/2/2011: Labor Day emphasized by AFL-CIO official
  217. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 9/1/2011: Answering attacks on democracy
  218. WUWM Public Radio 9/1/2011: Organized Labor Look to Positive this Upcoming Labor Day
  219. People's World 8/21/2011:  Wisconsin recall sparked labor-community coalition
  220. People's World 8/17/2011:  Wisconsin voters turn thumbs down on Walker agenda
  221. NEW AMERICA 8/17/2011:  Both Sides Claim Win After Final Wis. Senate Recall Vote
  222. CNN 8/17/2011 8/17/2011: 2 Democrats keep their seats in Wisconsin recall election
  223. WisPolitics.com 8/16/2011:   Working family candidates stand strong as middle class continues to fight back and win
  224. Pacifica Radio 8/16/2011:  Margaret Prescor host, 'Sojourner Truth' program, Stephanie interview Listen 
  225. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 8/16/2011:  Labor weighs in on Democrats' recall victories
  226. People's Worlds 8/16/2011:  Another hot Wisconsin election today, after big labor push
  227. UPI 8/14/2011:   Politics, money, unions and the Wisconsin recall elections
  228. The Wall Street Journal 8/11/2011:  GOP Holds on in Wisconsin
  229. WNY Labor Today 8/10/2011:  Wisconsin Recall Roundup: Middle Class Wisconsin Fights Back, Wisconsin Recalls Replace Two Republican Senators
  230. Real Clear Politics 8/10/2011:  Wisconsin GOP's stand could reverberate elsewhere
  231. MSNBC 8/10/2011: Stephanie Bloomingdale, of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO, tells msnbc's Veronica De La Cruz, what this means for the labor rights movement in the state. Video
  232. WisPolitics 8/10/2011:  Middle class Wisconsin fights back
  233. HuffPost Politics 8/10/2011:  Wisconsin Recall Election Results: Democrats Win Two Seats, Fall Short Of Taking Over Senate
  234. NEWSER 8/10/2011: Wis. GOP's stand against recall effort could reverberate elsewhere as presidential race looms
  235. Indiana State AFL-CIO 8/10/2011:  Wisconsin Working Families Win 2 of 6 in Recall Elections
  236. People's World 8/10/2011:  Wisconsin recall drive falls one seat short
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  241. Milwaukee Area Labor Council 8/1/2011:  Street energy wars with big ad money in senate race
  242. Sly in the Morning WTDY Radio 7/29/2011: Phil Nuenfeldt talks about how Wisconsin families are starting to feel the burn in their pockets thanks to Governor 
  243. Workers World 7/29/2010:  Wisconsin struggle moves forward
  244. In These Times 7/28/2011:  Labor’s Excellent Adventure: ‘Truth Tour’ Urges Recall of Wis. GOP Senators
  245. MSNBC 7/27/2011: AFL-CIO, Club for Growth help heat up recall elections
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  247. 620 WTMJ 7/26/2011: AFL-CIO, Club for Growth help heat up recall elections
  248. 620 WTMJ 7/25/2011:  Anti-Walker budget rally in Kenosha
  249. Kenosha News 7/25/2011: Wisconsin truth Tour Stops in Kenosha
  250. Fox 11 7/23/2011: "Truth Tour" traveling across state
  251. Delaware State Troopers Association 7/22/2011:  Seven for Seven in Wisconsin
  252. The Talk Radio News Service 7/21/2011: Wisconsin Dem Staves Off GOP Recall Challenge
  253. Wausau Daily Herald 7/21/2011:  Jim Holperin, Kim Simac recall election campaigns take off
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  255. AFL-CIO Now Blog 7/20/2011:  Seven for Seven!
  256. WisPolitics 7/16/2011:  “Wisconsin Truth Tour” Kicks Off in Green Bay
  257. Green Bay Progressive 7/15/2011: Wisconsin Truth Tour Kicks Off in Green Bay
  258. Journal Sentinel 7/15/2011:  Amid recall elections, AFL-CIO plans bus tour to protest Walker budget and 'union busting'
  259. Journal Sentinel 7/13/2011: Wisconsin AFL-CIO says Republican redistricting plans cut Democrat Nancy Nusbaum out of “her state Senate district by a half a block.”
  260. We the People in Madison 7/12/2011:  Today is Recall Day in Wisconsin
  261. The Milwaukee Business Journal 7/1/2011: Rules would make it easier to form union  
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  266. CNBC 6/28/2011:  After heated debate, Wis. union law takes effect
  267. BizTimes.com 6/27/2011: Wisconsin will be ground zero of international union push
  268. Wispolitics.com 6/26/2011:  Wisconsin State AFL-CIO: Statement on Walker signing radical budget
  269. WSAW.com 6/26/2011:  Governor Walker Signs Budget into Law 
  270. Green Bay Progressvie 6/24/2011: Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Releases Issue Papers on Budget Bill
  271. In These Times 6/24/2011: Shock Therapy—and a Bit of Good News—for Long-Term Jobless in Wisconsin
  272. WHBL News Radio 1330 6/24/2011:  Unemployment Benefits May be Extended
  273. Channel 3000.com 6/24/2011:  Groups Pushing Governor To Veto Budget Provisions
  274. Greenbaypressgazette.com 6/24/2011: Extended federal unemployment benefits endorsed for Wisconsin
  275. Workers World 6/23/2011:  Wisconsin workers launch lawsuit, continue protests
  276. CNBC 6/23/2011:  Wis. panel moves to allow unemployment extension
  277. New Jersey Stata AFL-CIO 6/23/2011:  Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Issues Letter Supporting New Jersey Workers
  278. WTAQ Talk Radio 6/23/2011: Labor, business groups urge veto of budget item effecting jobless benefits
  279. The Republic 6/23/2011: Wisconsin advisory council recommends additional 13 weeks of unemployment benefits
  280. Forbes.com 6/23/2011: Wis. panel moves to allow unemployment extension
  281. Wisconsin Journal Sentinel 6/23/2011: Jobless benefits backed by state panel
  282. Madison.com 6/23/2011: Wis. panel moves to allow unemployment extension
  283. All Politics Blog 6/23/2011: Wisconsin Family Action urges prayer for 'pro-family' Senate recall candidates
  284. The Cap Times 6/19/2011: Phil Neuenfeldt and Stephanie Bloomingdale: Walker’s budget raises taxes on working poor, middle class 
  285. Milwaukee Journal 6/18/2011: Wisconsin unions try to battle back
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  287. WXOW 19 News 6/17/2011:   The following came from the Wisconsin AFL-CIO Stephanie Bloomingdale
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  290. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 6/20/2011: Extension of aid to jobless goes unused
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  292. CNN 6/15/2011: Wisconsin high court upholds anti-union law Click to play
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