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Phil Neuenfeldt began his career on the shop floor in the manufacturing sector and wholly believes that making things in Wisconsin is key to long-term prosperity and a viable middle-class. As a veteran and a father, Phil has deep roots in his community. His vision for the labor movement extends beyond current union members. Phil continues to take on projects that expand the sphere of solidarity and improve the lives of all working families.

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Elected the first women Secretary-Treasurer for the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO. Stephanie Bloomingdale has more than 20 years of experience in labor as an organizer, negotiator, trainer, and activist.  During a career that began as an activist at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Stephanie has been committed to the ideals of organized labor and the power of collective action to create a strong middle-class

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As part of the New Alliance, Service Area Organizers have been hired and are ready to serve as the lead union political staff within their respective regions.

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