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The Wisconsin State AFL-CIO compiled a legislative scorecard to grade how well state legislators have served working families in the 2013-2014 Wisconsin Legislative Session.

The voting record tracks how lawmakers voted on issues of importance to workers, their families and their unions.

Click here to view a summary of the bills analyzed.

Click here to view the Working Families Voting Record for the Wisconsin Senate.

Click here to view the Assembly Working Families Voting Record for the Wisconsin Assembly.

In 2011, Gov. Walker and the Republican controlled legislature passed one of the most controversial and crippling budgets in history. Just months after unveiling extreme attacks on collective bargaining, Gov. Walker continued his crusade on the middle class and signed a state budget that enacted the largest and most sweeping cuts to education, health care and state aid to local communities in the entire history of the state.  Read more...

This summary covers some of the major losses for middle income and working class families during the administration of Governor Scott Walker through March 30, 2012. It details how the public policies promoted by the Walker administration represent a radical departure from Wisconsin values and traditions.

Click here for  "Losses" full-length report.

Each Senator and Representative maintains a home page that includes additional information.  This can include a district phone number, fax number, committees they serve on.  All can be reached by e-mail through their web sites.

Find your member of Congress here

The Wisconsin Legislative Hotline: The hotline staff will help identify your State Senator and Assembly Representative and provide you with a toll-free number for their Madison legislative offices.  The Hotline is staffed from 8:15 am to 4:45 pm, Monday - Friday. 

Outside Madison, call: 1-800-362-9472
In the Madison area, call: 266-9960 

You can also find this information online at Who Are My Legislators?

The Wisconsin State AFL-CIO maintains voting records for the Wisconsin State Legislature which date from the 1971-72 session. 

The AFL-CIO Congressional Voting Record is available here.

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