2018 Spring Election Endorsed Candidates

The Wisconsin AFL-CIO and local labor councils around the state have made endorsements for the April 3, 2018 general election. On the ballot is a statewide race for Wisconsin Supreme Court and many local races. Endorsements are based on who will best fight for and uphold the values of working people in Wisconsin.

Bring your ID and get to the polls on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.

*Indicates the candidate is a union member.
DistrictOffice TypeCandidate  



Wisconsin Supreme Court



ArcadiaSchool ReferendumSupport Referendum 
Beaver Dam District 12City CouncilDan Doyle
BeloitSchool BoardKyleLarsen
Beloit School BoardKathyCrawford
Beloit City CouncilCity CouncilReginaDunkin
Beloit City CouncilCity CouncilBethJacobsen
Beloit City CouncilCity CouncilPaulMartin
Beloit-TurnerSchool ReferendumVote YES for the referendum
Beloit-TurnerSchool ReferendumVote YES for the referendum
Brown County Board 7County BoardBernieErickson
Brown County Board 8County BoardMeganMorchardt
Brown County District 17County BoardCaseyHicks
Brown County District 20County BoardJamesCrawford
CambridgeSchool BoardMargaretSullivan
CambridgeSchool BoardTomas E.Wright
Chippewa County District  14County BoardChesterArnold
Chippewa County District 11County BoardFlorianSkwierczynski*
Chippewa County District 12County BoardKariIves*
Chippewa County District 13County BoardAnnetteHunt
Chippewa County District 5County BoardThomasThornton
Chippewa County District 6County BoardJasonBergeron
Chippewa County District 7County BoardCarolynKaiser*
Chippewa FallsSchool BoardSharonMcIlquham
Chippewa FallsSchool ReferendumSupport Referendum 
Chippewa FallsSchool ReferendumSupport Referendum 
Columbia County District 14County BoardSueBradley
Columbia County District 15County BoardMark Sleger
Columbia County District 16County BoardBobChristofferson
Columbia County District 19County BoardSteven Rubert
Columbia County District 20County BoardTimZander
Columbia County District 21County BoardHenry St. Maurice
Columbia County District 27County BoardNancyLong
Columbia County District 3County BoardTomBorgkvist
Columbus School BoardBarbHesselberg
Columbus School BoardJulieHajewski
Cottage GroveVillage TrusteeMelissaRatcliff
CudahySchool BoardMichaelJohnson*
Dane County Branch 1Circuit Court JudgeMarilyn Townsend
Dane County Branch 11Circuit Court JudgeEllenBerz
Dane County District 1 County BoardMary Kolar
Dane County District 10County BoardJeremyLevin
Dane County District 11County BoardKelly Danner
Dane County District 12County BoardPaul Rusk
Dane County District 13County BoardChuckErickson
Dane County District 14County BoardGeorgeGillis
Dane County District 15County BoardStevePeters
Dane County District 16County BoardJamieKuhn
Dane County District 17County BoardJeff Pertl
Dane County District 18County BoardMicheleRitt
Dane County District 2County BoardHeideWegleitner
Dane County District 20County BoardJulie Schwellenbach
Dane County District 21County BoardAndrewSchauer
Dane County District 22County BoardMaureenMcCarville
Dane County District 23County BoardSheilaStubbs
Dane County District 24County BoardTanyaBuckingham*
Dane County District 25County BoardTimKiefer
Dane County District 26County BoardSharonCorrigan
Dane County District 27County BoardDorothyKrause
Dane County District 28County BoardNikoleJones
Dane County District 3County BoardAnalieseEicher
Dane County District 30County BoardPatrickDowning
Dane County District 31County BoardJerryBollig
Dane County District 32County BoardJason Knoll
Dane County District 33County BoardJennyDye
Dane County District 34County BoardPatrick Miles
Dane County District 35County BoardCarl Chenowith
Dane County District 36County BoardDanielleWilliams
Dane County District 4County BoardRichardKilmer
Dane County District 5County BoardHaleyYoung
Dane County District 6County BoardYogesh Chawla
Dane County District 6County BoardPam Porter
Dane County District 7County BoardMattVeldran
Dane County District 8County BoardCarouselBayrd
Dane County District 9County BoardPaul Nelson
DeForestSchool BoardSpencerStatz
Dodge County District 24County BoardDennisSchmidt
Dodge County District 29County BoardDan Hilbert
Dodge County District 3County BoardMaryBobholz
Dodge County District 32County BoardLisa Derr
Dodge County District 7County BoardRichardBennett
Douglas County District 18County BoardDanCorbin
Eau ClaireSchool BoardEricTorres
Eau ClaireSchool BoardJoeLuginbill
Eau ClaireSchool BoardLoriBica
Eau Claire Circuit Court Branch 5Circuit Court JudgeSarahHarless
Eau Claire City Council 1City CouncilEmilyBerge 
Eau Claire City Council 2City CouncilEmilyAnderson
Eau Claire City Council 3City CouncilJeremyGragert
Eau Claire City Council 4City CouncilJillChristopherson
Eau Claire County District 10County BoardNancy Coffey
Eau Claire County District 14County BoardJudyGatlin*
Eau Claire County District 15County BoardNickSmiar
Eau Claire County District 16County BoardLydia Boerboom
Eau Claire County District 18County BoardJamesDunning
Eau Claire County District 2County BoardSandraMcKinney
Eau Claire County District 21County BoardJonChermack*
Eau Claire County District 22County BoardSueMiller
Eau Claire County District 23County BoardRobinLeary*
Eau Claire County District 24County BoardHeatherDeLuka
Eau Claire County District 25County BoardMelissaJanssen
Eau Claire County District 29County BoardPatrickLavelle
Eau Claire County District 3County BoardJoeKnight
Eau Claire County District 7County BoardLorraineHenning
Eau Claire County District 9County BoardDonMowry
EllsworthSchool ReferendumSupport Referendum 
EvansvilleSchool BoardKathi Swanson
EvansvilleSchool BoardEllynPaul 
EvansvilleSchool BoardCurtNyhus
Fall CreekSchool ReferendumSupport Referendum 
Fall CreekSchool ReferendumSupport Referendum 
Fort AtkinsonSchool BoardKimPatrick
FredericSchool ReferendumSupport Referendum 
Grant County District 10County BoardJoyceBos
Grant County District 13County BoardCarolBeals
Grant County District 15County BoardJohn Bienborn
Grant County District 6County BoardJenniferJackson
Grant County District 8County BoardRonaldCoppernoll
Green Bay District 12City CouncilKathyHinkfuss
Green Bay District 2City CouncilTomDeWane
Green Bay District 3City CouncilAndyNicholson
Green Bay District 4City CouncilLeeOlson
Green Bay District 5City CouncilDavidNenning
Green Bay District 6City CouncilKathyLeFebvre
Green Bay District 7City CouncilRandyScannell
Green Bay District 8City CouncilChristopherWery
Green Bay District 9City CouncilGuy Zima
Green County District 2County BoardBethRobinson
Green County District 24County BoardEricaRoth
Green County District 26County BoardHarryPullian
Green County District 29County BoardBettyGrotophorst
GreenfieldSchool BoardAndyMisorski*
HolmenSchool BoardKateMeyer*
HolmenSchool BoardAnitaJagodzinski*
HoriconSchool BoardJamesKetchem
HoriconSchool District ReferendumVote YES for both 
Hudson City Council District 4City CouncilJim Webber
Iowa County District 8County BoardJoanDavis
Jackson County District 16County BoardDesireGearing-Lancaster*
JanesvilleSchool BoardGregArdrey
JanesvilleSchool BoardSteveHuth
JanesvilleSchool BoardSteveHuth
Janesville  School BoardCarla Quirk*
Janesville City CouncilCity CouncilJens Jorgensen
Janesville City CouncilCity CouncilJeff Navarro
Janesville City CouncilCity CouncilJason Davis
Janesville City CouncilCity CouncilHarryPaulsen
Jefferson County District 10County BoardLloydZastrow
Jefferson County District 11County BoardDonaldReese
Jefferson County District 12County BoardPeterHartz
Jefferson County District 14County BoardKirkLund
Jefferson County District 15County BoardSteveNass
Jefferson County District 16County BoardLaura Payne
Jefferson County District 18County BoardBrandon White
Jefferson County District 19County BoardJimSchroeder
Jefferson County District 2County BoardMikeKelly
Jefferson County District 26County BoardGreggPatrick
Jefferson County District 27County BoardConor Nelan
Jefferson County District 29County BoardMary Roberts
Jefferson County District 3County BoardGregDavid
Jefferson County District 30County BoardWalt Christensen
Jefferson County District 6County BoardDan Herbst
Jefferson County District 8County BoardMike Wineke
Jefferson County District 9County BoardAmyRinard
Johnson CreekSchool BoardHeidiHartz
Juneau County District 10County BoardJimParrett*
La Crosse County  County TreasurerAmyTwitchell
La Crosse County District 15County BoardMonicaKruse*
La Crosse County District 16County BoardConnorNagy
La Crosse District 13County BoardTinaTryggestad
La Crosse District 18County BoardSueChristopherson*
La Crosse District 24County BoardLeonPfaff*
La Crosse District 25County BoardKevinHennessey*
LaFayette County District 8County BoardKrissMarion
Lake MillsSchool BoardRachelDavies
Lake MillsSchool BoardKenStetson
Lincoln County District 10County BoardJeremyRatliff
Lincoln County District 20County BoardDoraGorski
Madison Seat 1School BoardAnnaMoffit
Marathon County District 1County BoardKatie Rosenberg
Marathon County District 21County BoardThomasRosenbert
Marathon County District 36County BoardNancyStencil*
Marathon County District 8County BoardKaren Kalbach
Marathon County District 9County BoardAshleyLange
MayvilleMayorRob Boelk
MenomonieSchool BoardTriciaThompson
MenomonieSchool BoardJimSwanson*
MenomonieSchool BoardChrisFreeman*
Middleton District 4City CouncilEmilyKuhn
Middleton-Cross Plains Area IVSchool BoardLinda Yu
Middleton-Cross Plains Area VSchool BoardAnne Bauer
MiltonSchool BoardShellyCrull-Hanke
MiltonSchool BoardJoeMartin
MiltonSchool BoardDiamondMcKenna
Milwaukee County Circuit Court Branch 17JudgeCarolinaStark
Milwaukee County District 1County BoardCaseyShorts
Milwaukee County District 12County BoardPeggyWest
Milwaukee County District 13County BoardWillieJohnson
Milwaukee County District 14County BoardJasonHaas
Milwaukee County District 16County BoardJohnWeishan
Milwaukee County District 17County BoardTonyStaskunas
Milwaukee County District 18County BoardSparkleAshley
Milwaukee County District 2County BoardSequannaTaylor
Milwaukee County District 4County BoardMarinaDimitrijevic
Milwaukee County District 5County BoardMarceliaNicholson
Milwaukee County District 7County BoardFelesiaMartin
Milwaukee County District 8County BoardSteveShea*
MononaCity CouncilMollyGrupe
Monona  City CouncilMollyGrupe
Monona GroveSchool BoardEricHartz
Monona GroveSchool BoardJeff Simpson
Monona GroveSchool BoardAndrew McKinney
Monroe County District 7County BoardMaryVon Ruden*
Neenah  School BoardCarolHollar-Zwick
Neenah District 1City CouncilDanaeSteele
Oak CreekMayorDanBukiewicz*
Oak CreekSchool BoardSherylCerniglia
Oak Creek/FranklinSchool BoardLeahSchreiber-Johnson*
Oconomowoc School BoardSchool BoardJulietSteitzer
Onalaska District 2City CouncilDianeWulf
Oneida County District 19County BoardJeffreyVollmer
Oneida County District 5County BoardGeraldAnderson
Oneida County District 7County BoardRobert Mott
OregonVillage TrusteeJerryBollig
OregonVillage TrusteeAmandaPeterson
OshkoshSchool BoardJimEvans
OshkoshSchool BoardLizSzilagyi
Outagamie County District 6County BoardBradyFirkus
Pierce County District 11County BoardNeilGulbranson
Portage County District 19County BoardMelindaOsterberg
Portage County District 21County BoardTimCorcoran
ReedsburgSchool BoardEben Christensen
Rhinelander School BoardRon Counter
Richland County District 7County BoardMelissa Luck
Richland County District 9County BoardMelissaBurke
River FallsSchool BoardKellenWells-Mangold
River FallsSchool BoardMichaelThompson
River FallsSchool ReferendumSupport Referendum 
River FallsSchool ReferendumSupport Referendum 
Rock County District 26County BoardDave Homan
Rock County District 29County BoardTomBrien
Rock County District 4County BoardTracyThompson
Rock County District 6County BoardRobert Potter
Saint Croix County District 12County BoardDanielHansen*
Saint Croix County District 2County BoardChrisMatter
Saint Croix County District 3County BoardChristopherBabbitt
Saint Croix County District 4County BoardHowardNovotny
Saint Croix County District 7County BoardTammy Moothedan
Saint Croix County District 8County BoardScottNelson*
Sauk County District 13County BoardKristenWhite Eagle
Sauk County District 14County BoardShaneGibson
Sauk County District 15County BoardPeterVedro
Sauk County District 16County BoardJohn Miller
Sauk County District 17County BoardTimReppen
Sauk County District 18County BoardScottVon Asten
Sauk County District 19County BoardBryantHazard
Sauk County District 2County BoardThomasKriegl
Sauk County District 20County BoardMatthewJoyce
Sauk County District 28County BoardWilliamHambrecht
Sauk County District 31County BoardValerieMcAuliffe
Sauk County District 4County BoardPatRego
Sauk County District 5County BoardBobNewport
Sauk County District 6County BoardJohnDietz
SpartaSchool BoardSueBickford
SpartaSchool ReferendumSupport Referendum 
Sparta District 3City CouncilMaryvon Ruden
StoughtonSchool BoardYolibethFitz-Gibbon
StoughtonSchool BoardKathleenHoppe
StoughtonSchool BoardAllisonSorg
Stoughton School BoardFrancisSullivan
Stoughton District 2City CouncilPhilCaravello
Stoughton District 3City CouncilRegina Hirsch
Stoughton District 4City CouncilNicoleWeissinger
Sun PrairieSchool BoardBrynHorton
Sun Prairie District 1City CouncilSteveSocker
Sun Prairie District 2City CouncilTheresa Stevens
Sun Prairie District 3City CouncilMaureenCrombie
SuperiorSchool BoardLenAlbrecht
SuperiorSchool BoardMichaelMeyer
Superior District 1City CouncilDanOlson*
Superior District 17City CouncilRuthLudwig
Superior District 3City CouncilWarren Bender
Superior District 6City CouncilMartinaTendrup
Superior District 6City CouncilTylorEmroth
Superior District 9City CouncilKeith Kern
Superior District 9City CouncilJessicaPeterson 
Vernon County District 7County BoardEvanDvorsak
Verona District 1City CouncilChadKemp
Verona District 2City CouncilKatie Kohl
Verona District 3City CouncilKateCronin
Verona District 4City CouncilEvanTouchett
Verona Seat 1School BoardMeredithStier-Christensen
Verona Seat 2School BoardJimRuder
Verona Seat 2 School BoardCarolyn Jahnke
Waukesha County Board District 1County BoardGaryMetzer
WausauSchool BoardBethMartin
WausauSchool BoardKathi Whalen Geiger
WausauSchool BoardTriciaZunker
Wausau District 2City CouncilMichaelMartens
Wausau District 4City CouncilTom Neal
Wausau District 6City CouncilRebeccaMcElhaney
Wausau District 8City CouncilKaren Kellbach
Wausau District 9City CouncilGriffithWilliams
West Allis/West Milwaukee School BoardSueSujecki
WhitehallSchool ReferendumSupport Referendum 
WhitewaterSchool BoardKelly Davis
Winnebago County District 10County BoardStephanieSpellman
Winnebago County District 7County BoardSteveLenz