June 12 Special Election Endorsements

Wisconsinites in Senate District 1 and Assembly District 42 are getting the chance to fill vacant seats in our Wisconsin legislature. The special election in these two districts is set for Tuesday, June 12, 2018. This is a great opportunity to restore some balance to the state legislature, elect politicians who care about creating family-supporting jobs and get Wisconsin working for the people again.

Election Day is set for Tuesday June 12, 2018

Local Labor Councils have made endorsements in the election:

Ann Groves Lloyd has been endorsed in Assembly District 42. Ann Groves Lloyd is an American Federation of Teachers union member.

Caleb Frostman has been endorsed in Senate District 1. Caleb Frostman is an avid outdoorsman who worked in commercial real estate before becoming the Door County Economic Development Corporation Executive Director.

Both candidates will protect union rights and collective bargaining, fully fund our neighborhood public schools, fight for affordable health care, support prevailing wage and project labor agreements and prioritize job creation with good wages.