Joint Resolution to Overturn Wisconsin’s Mask Mandate Puts Frontline Workers at Risk

Stephanie Bloomingdale, President of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO, released the following statement as the Senate debates a joint resolution to end Wisconsin’s public health emergency and overturn the mask mandate issued by Governor Tony Evers:

“Partisan politics has paralyzed our pandemic response. For over nine months, Wisconsin Republicans in the legislative majority have failed to pass a single piece of COVID-19 legislation as Wisconsin families deal with sickness, loss of loved ones, and economic hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead of passing commonsense COVID-19 initiatives to slow the spread and support working families during this unprecedented time, Republicans are choosing to prioritize a dangerous joint resolution to overturn our statewide mask initiative and end Wisconsin’s public health emergency. This resolution puts frontline workers at greater risk of contracting the coronavirus at work.

Rather than work with Governor Evers to keep Wisconsinites safe, Republicans are once again letting partisan politics hinder our state’s ability to fight this deadly virus.

We call on the Wisconsin legislature to put aside all partisan distractions and work with Governor Evers to tackle COVID-19, support our unemployed, and get real relief to Wisconsin families weathering the ongoing health and economic crises.”