Wisconsin AFL-CIO Stands in Solidarity with Striking UAW Members

Stephanie Bloomingdale, President of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO, released the following statement in support of the 47,000 United Auto Workers International Union (UAW) members striking at General Motors (GM) facilities, including 74 members of UAW Local 722 on strike at a GM parts distribution center in Hudson, Wisconsin. The nationwide strike began at midnight on September 16.

“The Wisconsin AFL-CIO is proud to stand in solidarity with UAW members on strike against GM in Wisconsin and across our country. Striking UAW members are taking a hard but necessary stand to protect and preserve our American middle class. Every worker deserves fair wages, affordable healthcare, job security, an end to precarious temporary work and sharing in the profits when times are good – just what UAW is fighting for. It is because of the hard work and sacrifices of the men and women of the UAW that GM is now making record-breaking, multi-billion-dollar profits. We call on General Motors to do the right thing and quickly resolve the issues so that tens of thousands of GM workers can get back to work. The labor movement will stand shoulder to shoulder in support of our striking UAW union brothers and sisters for as long as it takes to get a fair and just contract.”