Workers for Biden

Working people face an incredibly important choice in this year’s election. Facing both an ongoing pandemic and the resulting economic downturn, we need a trusted, reliable leader to guide America and support working people through the next four years. That’s why the Wisconsin AFL-CIO is supporting Joe Biden for President.

Join us this Saturday for a special Get out the Vote Rally and Phone Bank with Congressman Mark Pocan, Attorney General Josh Kaul, Wisconsin AFL-CIO President Stephanie Bloomingdale and union members from around the state to get out the vote for Biden, Harris, and all our Labor 2020 endorsed candidates!

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This rally and phone bank will include a speaker program, a quick training, and then we will make calls to union households to encourage voters to support union rights with a vote for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and all the Wisconsin AFL-CIO endorsed candidates on the ballot this fall.

It is vital we have union friendly candidates fighting to defend worker rights and safety in the White House, Congress, and the state legislature. We’ve seen Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature refuse to act to help working people during the coronavirus pandemic and instead fight Gov. Evers’ leadership and authority every step of the way. Make sure you completely fill out your ballot at home, while early voting, or on Election Day.

Early in-person absentee voting in Wisconsin begins Tuesday, October 20. Check with your local municipal clerk as times and locations vary by municipality. Voters have until 5:00 p.m. on October 29 to request an absentee ballot. You can request and track your absentee ballot at View our Wisconsin AFL-CIO Absentee and Early Vote Guide for helpful information on these voting options.

Joe Biden has always fought for working people while in office. He will make sure employers follow safety standards and provide needed personal protective equipment, and he will ensure that our health care system gets the support it needs. Biden supports prevailing wages and investments in both infrastructure and made-in-America manufacturing. Biden proudly supports the PRO Act that will help workers organize a union and share in the wealth we create.

In these uncertain times, we need a President who fights for and respects the dignity of work and the freedom to join a union. Joe Biden understands that it is the labor movement that creates, sustains and strengthens our great American middle class, and we will fight to revive our economy by putting working people first.

Help us get out the union vote for Joe Biden and all our union-approved candidates at