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Working people are ready to elect representatives who will fight to raise wages, strengthen union rights and help revive our middle class. W

There is a clear choice for president and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka explains why Hillary Clinton is best for working families and our great country.
LaDonna and Mike made Oreos for Nabisco until greedy CEOs chose profits over people and sent their jobs to Mexico. They talk about friendship, solidarity in the face of job-loss, and who they think will work tirelessly to save American jobs.

Celia and her coworkers have been working to get Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to recognize the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 at the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas.

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While Donald Trump continues to excoriate immigrants from South and Central America, the AFL-CIO is ramping up programs to help them unionize and gain political power. A forum recently held in Washington, D.C., highlighted what the labor movement will be doing to provide Latina working women with the tools they need to win better standards of living and security for the future.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka spoke with CBS News before the second presidential debate in St. Louis. He talked about Hillary Clinton’s character, her stance on trade policy and why union members continue to dump Donald Trump. Watch the video.

When candidates for the legislature support Scott Walker, it’s important to know their record on issues important to working families.

Scott Walker supports:


Under Scott Walker, the state of Wisconsin has used tax dollars to subsidize companies that subsequently move jobs overseas.

Read more: http://americanbridgepac.org/app/uploads/Walker-WEDC-Memo.pdf

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It's time for Ron Johnson to come clean with Wisconsin voters and tell us whether or not he supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.  

Don't sit on the sidelines. Volunteer to get out the vote for worker-friendly candidates.