Bloomingdale Elected President, Delie Elected Secretary-Treasurer

NEWS from the 30th Biennial Convention of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO


Stephanie Bloomingdale, WFNHP-AFT, has been elected by the delegates of the 30th Biennial Convention as the next President of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO. Also elected were Dennis Delie, United Steelworkers 2-213, as Secretary-Treasurer, and members of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO Executive Board.

Bloomingdale previously served as Secretary-Treasurer of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO for two terms, and before that worked as Director of Public Policy at the Wisconsin Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals - AFT. She has been an effective organizer, expert lobbyist, tough negotiator, and electoral mobilizer in the labor movement for almost three decades. Bloomingdale is the first woman to be elected President of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO.

In her acceptance speech, Bloomingdale highlighted the convention theme of Join… Fight… Win… Together. She promoted innovative organizing and solidarity for all working people, and described how the union movement will draw on past successes to build a stronger future. The officers and board members are working to ensure that every worker in Wisconsin has the freedom to join a strong union for a better paycheck, a safer workplace, and a better life.

“I humbly accept the charge as your next Wisconsin State AFL-CIO President,” said President Bloomingdale. “I am mindful of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The past struggles we have faced together have shown that we may not win every round, but as I stand here today, my promise to you is that we will never, ever leave the ring until the fight is over.”

“I look forward to working together with Dennis Delie, our newly elected Secretary-Treasurer, and all our affiliates to create a strong, vibrant, nimble labor movement that is ready for the challenges ahead,” continued President Bloomingdale. “We must engage more workers, both those in unions and those not in unions, in our collective fight for economic justice. Our job going forward is to make sure there is a place in our movement for every working American, and a clearly-lit path to our door.”

Secretary-Treasurer Dennis Delie is a former President of USW Local 2-213. He is a workplace safety trainer expert who has assessed training requirements and developed and delivered training methods to match the needs of workers throughout the state and nation. He has served as President, Treasurer, Bargaining Committee Representative and shop steward of USW Local 2-213.

“We will use the solidarity and strength that only the labor movement can bring to rewrite the rules of economy and create a fair society for workers,” said Secretary-Treasurer Delie. “The Wisconsin AFL-CIO stands ready to support the rights of each and every worker in the state of Wisconsin to have a decent paycheck, a safe workplace and a middle-class life through strong collective bargaining rights. The best pathway into the middle class is with a union card.”