Gov. Evers Stands up for Patients, CNAs Vetoes AB 76

BREAKING NEWS: Just moments ago, Gov. Evers vetoed Assembly Bill 76 – a Republican-led bill to cut training for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) in half. This is a win for patients and a win for CNAs.

The Wisconsin State AFL-CIO called upon Governor Evers to veto this dangerous legislation and we are happy to report that he has done so today. CNAs and patients in Wisconsin are better for Governor Evers’ bold action to safeguard our citizens from this reckless Republican-led legislation.

Many organizations and citizens came together to put a stop to this bill. You sent messages and made phone calls, calling on Gov. Evers to stand up for quality patient care and safeguard our most vulnerable citizens with proper CNA training.  You took action and our Governor listened.

Thank you, Gov. Evers, for putting patients first.  

Slashing hours of instruction is the wrong way to address a shortage of CNAs. No one would suggest lowering training hours for pilots or doctors if there was a shortage in the profession. CNAs are some of the lowest paid health care professionals and are called on to do critical lifesaving work caring for frail, elderly, and sick people. Raising wages and benefits, improving working conditions, and making sure every CNA has the opportunity to join a union -- that’s how we solve the shortage.

Thank you to all who took action calling for this veto. We applaud Gov. Evers for standing up to protect patients and CNA training levels by vetoing Assembly Bill 76.