Pass the PRO Act to empower workers

Greetings from Houdindi Castle! 

“Ron Johnson should listen to workers and support the Protecting the Right to Organize Act,” says Michael Bolton, USW District 2 Director. “Updating our labor law to better support workers joining and forming unions will build our middle class and create better economic opportunity for all. Talk to workers, Senator Johnson, to better understand how our economy will benefit from Senate passage of the PRO Act.”

America needs the PRO Act because the PRO Act will:

  • Empower workers to exercise our freedom to organize and bargain.
  • Ensure that workers can reach a first contract quickly after a union is recognized.
  • End employers’ practice of punishing striking workers by hiring permanent replacements. Speaking up for labor rights is within every worker’s rights—and workers shouldn’t lose our jobs for it.
  • Hold corporations accountable by strengthening the National Labor Relations Board and allowing it to penalize employers who retaliate against working people in support of the union or collective bargaining.
  • Repeal “right to work” laws—divisive and racist laws created during the Jim Crow era—that lead to lower wages, fewer benefits and more dangerous workplaces.
  • Create pathways for workers to form unions, without fear, in newer industries like Big Tech.

Workers in America favor unions and tens of millions of people want to join one. Research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shows more than 60 million people would vote to join a union today if given the opportunity. That is nearly half of nonunion workers.

Gallup found that union approval stands at 65%, one of the highest marks in a half-century.

Support grows every day for the Protecting the Right to Organize Act. It’s time for the Senate to act and pass this vital pro-worker legislation to strengthen our middle class and create a fairer economy for all.