Working people are being infected at work and dying from COVID-19 in every sector.

Congratulations to Justice Jill Karofsky who was been elected by the people of Wisconsin to a 10-year term on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

As part of the Workers First Week of Action, the Wisconsin AFL-CIO is unveiling one of our ongoing initiatives to keep workers safe on the job and in the community…the Union Mask Brig

Last Minute, Unannounced Amendment in COVID-19 bill by Wisconsin Republicans Leaves Frontline Workers Exposed and Ineligible for Worker’s Compensation

 April 24, 2020, MILWAUKEE, WI – The following is a statement from Wisconsin AFL-CIO President Stephanie Bloomingdale, co-chair of Wisconsin’s Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council:

The Wisconsin AFL-CIO is proud to support Tricia Zunker, SAG-AFTRA union member, in the 7th Congressional District special election scheduled for May 12, 2020. Zunker is running to fill an open seat currently left vacant with the resignation of former Congressman Sean Duffy.

Those we elect to public office have a duty to look beyond what might be immediately popular to what is genuinely in the public interest. Republican leaders in the Wisconsin legislature are failing this critical leadership test badly.

The Wisconsin State AFL-CIO continues to call for personal protective equipment, thorough sanitization and cleaning of workplaces and appropriate social distance to save lives

The AFL-CIO warned Tuesday that workplaces were still far too dangerous to consider reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic, even as some governors are starting to lift restrictions in order to get businesses up and running again. Richard Trumka, the federation’s president, said there was still insufficient personal protective equipment and not enough testing to make worksites safe yet. He called for stronger legal protections for those who will have to refuse dangerous work as their employers begin to call them back.

(April 21, 2020, MILWAUKEE, WI) – The Wisconsin State AFL-CIO has been consistently calling for every essential worker, whether on the front lines, working with the public, or simply working closely with coworkers, to have personal protective equipment, thoroughly cleaned and sanitized workplaces, and social distance from one another to save their own lives and the lives of all Americans. Unions and workers on the front lines across the country have been demanding PPE and better OSHA workplace standards for infectious disease.

This has been a month like no other in modern American history. We are in a war against an invisible virus that has required most people to stay home to fight it. With each day of the coronavirus pandemic, Americans have grown increasingly grateful for things we used to take for granted, like grocery workers, without whom we could not meet our most basic needs. Parents have a new appreciation for how complex and demanding teaching is, and for how teachers are helping their children continue learning, stay engaged and stay safe inside during this uneasy time.

 Below is a list of links for workers in need that may be of help. While certainly not exhaustive, these links may provide some necessary information. The

Filing for Unemployment Insurance